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Proje Adı:Europeans on  the RUN to a Healthy Life in a Sustainable Environment

(Sürdürülebilir Bir Çevrede Sağlıklı Hayata Koşan Avrupalılar)

Proje Türü: Çok Taraflı Okul Ortaklıkları

Hibe: 23.000 Avro

Hareketlilik Sayısı: 24



Türkiye (Koordinatör)

Çek Cumhuriyeti






Hareketlilik tarihleri

1. Norveç : Kasım 2013

2. Türkiye : Mart 2014

3. Hollanda : Mayıs 2014

4. Macaristan : Kasım 2014

5.Çek Cumhuriyeti : Mart 2015

6.Polonya : Nisan 2015


Proje Özeti:

In this project schools from six different countries join together to work on an international project about a healthy European lifestyle in a sustainable environment. This project is interesting for all pupils, teachers, parents and communities because the schools are situated in very different environments in all parts of Europe. The Turkish school for instance is situated in Ankara, a city with 5.000.000 inhabitants while the Norwegian school is situated in Lyngdal with about 8.000 inhabitants (More people live in Ankara than in the whole of Norway). We do realize that every country and city has its own identity, but it´s interesting to compare them on their healthy lifestyle, healthy food, environment and efforts on sustainability. We hope to reveal the real healthy European, because wherever you live it´s good to become aware of a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable Europe.

The students of all seven countries start to know each other in a SMYLE. Before and during the seven exchange periods, students and teachers organize activities on the following topics: 

Healthy food, sports , sustainability, environment, nature and culture. These topics wil be supported by multimedia tools like on e-twinning, googledocs, and dropbox. We will frequently use ICT and Multimedia tools . 

In the end, all schools will produce a common website, a journal-blog of the project, a "treasure chest" with products which are most representative for the traditions of each country, a Twin Space, PPT presentations, handicrafts from recycling materials and booklets. The project activities will be cross-curricular and integrated in the school curriculum. The material will be disseminated in each community and accessible for other schools and institutions in each country.

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